The Oklahoma City Thunder have just agreed to deal Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic to the Boston Celtics for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson.

This is a very strange move in our books for the Celtics. Perkins makes a big difference inside, and is an upgrade on both the O'neal's. As a result, whilst Green adds depth to the team, this is indeed a big loss, and will be felt come playoff time. On the flip side, the Thunder have secured the services of a big man they desperately needed. Perkings has playoff experience, and that will come into play against the likes of the Lakers, Spurs and Mavericks to name a few.

Here are our fantasy impacts:

Celtics: Green owners can't be happy with this trade. He goes from being a starter to a bench role. He will likely see his production drop across the board, perhaps with the exception of 3's. Erdan was also traded away from the Celtics, meaning that Kristic will see some time in the short-term with the O'neal's out. Probably the person that benefits the most is Big Baby, as his minutes should increase quite a lot down the stretch for fantasy as Shaq is rested to prepare for the NBA playoffs.

Thunder: Perkins value should see a slight increase, especially as he continues to return from injury... he will continue to be a good source of rebounds, blocks and good FG %, and should be picked up in deep leagues. As for the other players? It all depends on who they start... its likely that Ibaka moves into starting lineup at PF, Perkins mans the middle and the other positions remain. In this case, we see now real change to any one's value. However, if they go small and move Harden into starting lineup and Ibaka to bench, then Serge's stats will dwindle a little, especially as they have also acquire Nazr Mohammed in a separate deal. Nate Robinson will continue his role as backup, and his stats should remain on par with what he did in Boston.