Written by Andre Purtell | 18 October 2010

MNF has the Jags playing host to the Titans, two 3-2 AFC South teams, and featuring two of the elite fantasy running backs in Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Johnson.

The Titans are ranked 28th in passing, but 6th on the ground so expect this trend to continue as CJ carries the team on his back so to speak. He has 6td's in 5 games, and he'll likely get his 7th this week. Meanwhile, The Jags on paper aren't too far off the Titans. They are ranked 26th in their passing attack, however are 4th on the ground. As such, expect a tough battle in the trenches as both teams try to grind it out. Both teams have been terrible in defending the pass so the quarterback match-up is wide open.

Here are a few of the players to keep an eye on: - hopefully you have them in your starting line-ups:

Titans: WR Kenny Britt has started to establish himself in the Titans offence, and has scored in his past three games. CJ should win the battle of the stud running backs. Look for Vince Young to move the ball around efficiently... he won't be amazing, but he'll get the job done.

Jags: Mike Thomas leads the team in receptions, and has taken over the mantle as the number 1 wideout... no touchdowns to date, but why not start this week. Speaking of TD's, TE Mercedes Lewis has 5 TD's in as many games (incl 3 in the past 2 games), and he'll be looking to keep the streak alive.

Mike Thomas

Expect the Titans to notch up win number 4, and in doing so, posting their first back to back win of the season.


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Written by Michael Alperstein | 17 October 2010


Week 6 finally saw the emergence of The Chosen One, as Tebow rushed for a 7 yard TD in the 2nd Quarter against the Jets - the first in his short career, and the first of thousands potentially. With the size of Jason Witten, the speed of Adrian Peterson, and the tenacity of Ray Lewis, we all know Tebow is unstoppable that close to the line - expect McDaniels to use him in these red-zone situations alot more in coming weeks.

Tebow Talent Time Week 6 was spot on concerning Frank Gore and Vernon Davis of San Francisco. Gore had 25 carries for 149 yards, while Davis was good for a TD, in the 49ers defeat of the Raiders.

TTT proved correct again with our Steelers D prediction, however was a little off the money with our Chargers and Bears offensive weapons predictions, with the St Louis and Seattle D's respectively surpassing ours and many others expectations.

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Written by Andre Purtell | 16 October 2010

Following Rounds 1-3, here were the mock draft selections for Rounds 4-6, including The Fantasy Dudes comments on the best and worst picks. As always, would appreciate your comments:


Round 4 
1. Mo Williams 
2. John Wall 
3. Tim Duncan 
4. Nene Hilario 
5. Eric Gordon 
6. Zach Randolph 
7. Kevin Love 
8. Marc Gasol 
9. Troy Murphy 
10. Stephen Jackson 
11. Joakim Noah 
12. Carlos Boozer 



Round 4:

Best Choice: Kevin Love - With Jefferson out of town, expect K-Love to put up some monster numbers. No doubt would have gained a lot of confidence and experience from Team USA. He is a walking double-double, and has the added bonus of centre eligibility.

Worst Choice: Eric Gordon - This selection raised a few eyebrows, with most people thinking he went high, and we are of that belief too, esp with the likes of Martin, Richardson, and captain Jack still on the board, not to mention a number of ‘bigs'. Eric has proven he can score, but all eyes will be on Blake Griffin. Probably could have been picked in Round 5.

It is worth noting that the first rookie was selected here in John Wall. With the circus that is Arenas, Wall stands out as the potential ROY as he will surely put up a nice stat line based on his strong pre-season form. We think Round 4 is probably where you need to take him otherwise you'll miss out.


Round 5 
1. Aaron Brooks 
2. Rudy Gay 
3. Jason Richardson 
4. Devin Harris 
5. Baron Davis 
6. Manu Ginobili 
7. Trevor Ariza 
8. Danilo Gallinari 
9. Raymond Felton 
10. Andray Blatche 
11. Andrew Bogut 
12. LaMarcus Aldridge 


Round 5:

Best Choice: Aaron Brooks - Dropped down in the picks compared to other mock drafts, but in our opinion, is a real steal here. He had an impressive last season, helping last years owner get to the grand final of the fantasy league... he averaged close to 20 points, over 5 assists and an amazing 2.5 3's a game.  We expect pretty much the same this season.

Worst Choice: Trevor Ariza - Again, puzzled looks came across the room when he was selected this high. Ariza faces major competition at the swing position, with Peja, Belinelli and Thornton in town, but who knows, the change of scenery with CP3 feeding him the ball could do him some good. He is strong at shutting down opposing players, but unfortunately that does not equate into fantasy stats. Probably could have been chosen in Rounds 6-7.


Round 6 
1. Gilbert Arenas 
2. Kevin Martin 
3. Tony Parker 
4. Brandon Jennings 
5. Luis Scola 
6. Caron Butler 
7. Anthony Randolph 
8. O.J. Mayo 
9. Marcus Camby 
10. Chris Kaman 
11. Jeff Green 
12. Paul Millsap 


Round 6:

Best Choice: O.J. Mayo - It was rather surprising to see Mayo drop this far, esp given where he is ranked by most analysts, hence this is why he is mentioned here. Mayo averaged 17.5 points a game last season to go along with 3 assists, 1.2 steals and 1.7 3's... consistency, consistency, consistency here, he has not missed a game in his first two seasons. Will handle the ball a little more this season too so expect his assists to rise. The only issue is his FG %.

Worst Choice: Anthony Randolph - There was a lot of noise surrounding Randolph after his move to the Knicks, with many casting his name as a potential sleeper... but that may be actually what he does this season, sleeping whilst riding the pine. He is a handy player, but this selection is pretty high for him. His pre-season form has been terribly inconsistent. The bonus for him is that he has Centre eligibility.

Note: Gilbert Arenas was selected in this round. Whilst at the time of the draft The Fantasy Dudes were high on him, after recent events this week regarding faked injuries, it appears he just doesn't learn. The high risk high reward looks more like very high risk, and don't take him this high reward. Time will tell.

That's it for now, but feel free to leave a comment in the forum, tweet, facebook message or drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for all things fantasy NBA.


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Written by Andre Purtell | 14 October 2010

Tim remained the number two quarterback for Denver on the weekend. Whilst the Broncos running game has struggled, Kyle Orton has been red hot. Surely it can't hurt to call some plays Tebow's way, especially as the team is now at 2-3. However, it's unlikely to come against the Jets.


This week's Tebow Talent Time takes us to San Francisco, where at 0-5 the 49ers will be getting desperate (longest streak without a win since 1979). As such, up against the Raiders at Candlestick bodes well for the likes of Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. Gore has averaged 65 yards a game, however only has 1 rushing TD, so expect him to rush for his second this week against a defence who rank 31stagainst the run and have allowed close to 150 rushing yards per game. The Raiders have given up an average of 26.8 pts a game, which would obviously have Davis quiet excited even with Alex Smith under centre. He has scored touchdowns in two consecutive games, and is coming off a 104 yard performance against the Eagles. Get them in your starting line-ups.

Davis Gore


Other Tebow Talent Time candidates in week 6 include:

Matt Forte- Seattle are terrible away from home, and Cutler will look to ease his way back in. Look for Forte to benefit from the short dump offs as despite being a solid run unit, the Seahawks are ranked 31st against the pass.

Rivers/Gates/Floyd - A must win game from San Diego, who are # 1 in passing yards, and St Louis are # 22 in opposing passing yards.

Pittsburgh Def- Up against a new Cleveland QB (and a rookie at that) with a banged up Hillis = Money in the bank.

Danny Amendola - No Clayton means he becomes Bradford's new favourite target. His stats were already quite impressive with 33 catches thus far.

Tony Romo- Minnesota's secondary is hurting (now missing its starting CB), meaning Austin and Bryant may have more to work with... Sanchez didn't do too badly against them. Romo is also coming off a career passing yard game against the Titans last week (406 yards). Vikings coming off MNF.

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Written by Andre Purtell | 14 October 2010

Over the weekend, all three of the founding members of The Fantasy Dudes took part in a live NBA fantasy draft. In an effort to help you all with your upcoming drafts, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you the results. So here are rounds 1-3:

Round 1
1. Kevin Durant 
2. Chris Paul 
3. LeBron James 
4. Dirk Nowitzki 
5. Deron Williams 
6. Stephen Curry 
7. Kobe Bryant 
8. Dwight Howard 
9. Dwyane Wade 
10. Danny Granger 
11. Pau Gasol 
12. Amar'e Stoudemire 

 Round 1:

Best Choice: Danny Granger – Yes, injuries are of a concern, but he has played at least 60 games in each of the past two seasons. He is a walking stat machine (think Marionin his prime) and at number 10 is an absolute steal… he was going top 5 last year. Strong pre-season.

Worst Choice: Tough one as no-one is really a bad pick here, but Deron Williams stands out as someone taken early. Yes, he is the leader of his team, but will struggle a little without his Malone, or should I say Boozer. With Kobe, Granger and Wade on the board, perhaps this pick could have waited.

Round 2
1. Brook Lopez 
2. David Lee 
3. Steve Nash 
4. Andre Iguodala 
5. Carmelo Anthony 
6. Rajon Rondo 
7. Gerald Wallace 
8. Tyreke Evans 
9. Jason Kidd 
10. Josh Smith 
11. Chris Bosh 
12. Chauncey Billups 








Round 2:

Best Choice: David Lee– Don’t let his looks fool you, this guy is a flat out fantasy baller, and his move to the Warriors only helped his cause. The team with the 12th  and 13th pick chose not to pick him cos he’s a ‘boring player’… be that as it may, David probably should have gone in the first round. If you get a chance, take him. Runner Up, Chris Bosh – The 3rd member of the Thrice, he will still get his stats given there is really no-one in the frontcourt… expect excellent efficiency to continue.

Worst Choice: A few surprise selections here, with the first being Rajon Rondo at pick #18. I know he gets decent numbers, but as alerted to in an earlier article, he is a category killer with poor ft% and no 3 point shot. The second high pick was Tyreke Evans at #20, esp with the likes of Roy, JJ, Ellis and Pierce still on the board. Don’t get me wrong, he is a very valuable fantasy player, but probably should have dropped to round 3.

Round 3
1. Al Horford 
2. Monta Ellis 
3. Brandon Roy 
4. Joe Johnson 
5. Andrea Bargnani 
6. Darren Collison 
7. Al Jefferson 
8. Russell Westbrook 
9. Antawn Jamison 
10. David West 
11. Paul Pierce 
12. Derrick Rose 

Round 3:

Best Choice: Brandon Roy – Much like Granger, injuries are of a concern, but if he can stay on the court, no only will he lead the Blazers to an impressive record, he should do the same for your fantasy team as a top 20 fantasy player.

Worst Choice: Antawn Jamison – After joining Clevelandlast season he was flat out terrible (I had him), and with LBJ skipping town, one could expect his stats to go back to a Washington level… that would be optimistic. Yes, there will be shots for him, but with West, Duncan, M.Gasol, Zach and Noah still available, at round 3 this was a reach.

That’s it for now, but feel free to leave a comment, tweet, facebook message or drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for all things fantasy nba. 

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Written by Michael Alperstein | 13 October 2010

Here are a few tips for drafting on the big day:

1. Know you stats: I'm not suggesting you need to know Carl Landry's rebounding averages for the month of last April (6.0 if you were checking), but it helps to be somewhat familiar with a players stats when you get a short time-span to make a pick. You'd be surprised how easy it is for yuor mind to go blank when you have 10 seconds remaining on the clock and you need to find a rebounding big man in the lower rounds who won't kill your FG%. If you can't have the player's 09/10 across-the-board stats in front of you, try reference a player's pros and cons next to his name. 

2. Know your starters: Nothing's worse than picking a player only to find out later that he won't even be starting the season. This applies to contests such as Marco Belinelli/ Marcus Thornton, Trevor Ariza/Peja Stojakovic, DeMarcus Cousins/Samuel Dalambert, Charlie Villanueva/Austin Daye, Dorrell Wright/Reggie Williams (yes, that innocuous SF pair from the Bay area), etc.

3. Build around your top 3 picks: Don't waste your top picks on certain players if you're not going to then build around them in later rounds. If you are going to pick Steve Nash in the 2nd round, you want another assists-heavy PG in the middle rounds (Tony Parker will still be available in many leagues) to complement that pick.

4. Don't worry, be healthy: I just picked Danny Granger in the 1st round of a draft, and I purposely stayed away from players in the 2nd round who were also injury risks, given Granger's problems last year (I'm looking at you G-Wall and B-Roy).

5. Take a punt in later rounds: There are always young players with huge upside available in later rounds. Don't let the likes of DeMarcus Cousins, Evan Turner and JaVale McGee slip through your fingers if they become available in the later rounds. They will be worth the punt.

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Written by Andre Purtell | 12 October 2010

Have an upcoming draft? Not sure who to pick in your line-up? Been offered a trade? Unsure on waiver wire selections? Well The Fantasy Dudes are here to help. Feel free to post a message in our forum or drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ... no question too small.



Written by Andre Purtell | 11 October 2010

What a Monday Night Football game we have coming up… The Vikings Vs the Jets in what is a very important game for both teams. On Sunday Peyton struggled, as did Drew Brees and Matt Schaub… I expect Favre to follow the QB trend. Not only has he taken a hit in the media this week, but the circus has arrived with Moss (they’ll need time to gel), combined with the fact that he faces a stingy def that has helped beat the Vikings in six straight games.


Whilst on paper the Vikings entered the fantasy season as one of the top selections (I selected them as second DST behind Jets), they have failed to live up to the hype so far and may be worth keeping on the bench until proven otherwise. They certainly face a tough task of stopping the rejuvenated LT and Greene. Expect it to be a tough battle in and the trenches. Meanwhile, flying under the radar has been Mark Sanchez, who has thrown 10 td’s in his past three games… he has another of his weapons in the line-up this week in Santonio Holmes to go along with Keller who has been on fire of late, and a key beneficiary of a number of endzone catches. Sanchez won’t be breaking any records, but he should have a solid outing.




Tip: Jets should have enough to take down the Vikings in MNF (sorry Sean).








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Written by Andre Purtell | 08 October 2010

Tim Tebow has yet to throw a pass in the NFL as Orton continues his impressive start to the season by spreading the ball around the field. With Baltimore and the J-E-T-S on deck, Tim is likely to remain riding the pine learning the game. The plus side? He was listed as the No.2 quarterback against the Titans meaning that there could be light at the end of the tunnel. Should an injury hit Kyle (touch wood), then Tim could be handed the job of leading the team. Watch this space.


This weeks Tebow Talent Time includes a few players who stand out to us as having break-out games:


First up is Eli Manning. Whilst his form has been up and down this season, Houston’s defence has been even worse, giving up a league’s worst 330 yards per game, making Eli too hard to pass up, hence making Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks strong plays as well. Bradshaw is dinged up, and Jacobs has struggled with ball security, and Houston welcomes back their leading linebacker Brian Cushing. All signs point to the Giants passing the ball, and Eli will be taking charge.


Eli Manning


Secondly is Maurice Jones Drew, the pocket rocket. The Jags travel to Buffalo, and you all saw what happened to them against LT and Greene of the Jets last week. The winless Bills have been terrible on both sides of the ball, but especially on defence, allowing 38 points in each of the last two games. MJD is coming off a 100 yard rushing game against the Colts, and has rushed for > 85 yards in 3 of his 4 starts, as such, expect this trend to continue with a touchdown or two.


Thirdly, with McCoy on the injury this week and failing to practice (broken rib), Mike Bell of the Eagles could be the starting running back. If you have a spare place on your bench, it is worth adding him as a speculative selection, and he should be available given he is owned in only 6% of leagues. The Niners are 0-4 themselves, and have lost their last three games to the Eagles at home. Just last season, Bell ran for 143 yards in a win against the Lions so he has shown he can peform. Just make sure you check back on Sunday for McCoy’s status… if he is playing, then leave Bell on your bench.


The last TTT selection comes from the blockbuster between the Rams and the Lions. There are a few intriguing selections here, including Best, Megatron and Jackson. However, the leader here may well be Sam Bradford. He has been very impressive in his rookie season, showing some great composure in the pocket. Whilst his stats won’t be like Peyton’s, they will help a number of fantasy teams should you be looking for a fill-in quarterback against the 0-4 Lions. Of course, Mark Clayton, Sam’s favorite target, stands to benefit too.


Sam Bradford



As always, should you have any roster queries, send us an email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or enter a post up in our forum for a prompt reply. You can also find us on facebook!




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Written by Mookie Schiralli | 08 October 2010

Here is what you've been waiting for -- Fantasy NBA draft day! In the chat box below, we will be covering the Fantasy Draft live, pick-by-pick, with all of the trash talk in between. This can be replayed after the event too. Readers may want to treat this as a mock draft, but make no mistake, to us this is very, very real.



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